Our stable

Our facilities are spaciously built with more than 32 boxes divided in 2 main
All stables are equipped with:


large outdoor sand ring (80 x 70 m) with watering system and flood lights,

a small outdoor sand ring (40 x 40m) with watering system,

a big grass ring (75 x 60m),


2 big indoor arenas (25 x 55 m) and (20 x 50 m) with watering systems,


a covered 6 horse walker,

10 full, well fenced paddocks (40 x 20 m),

spacious green fields for pasture and turnout (in total 14ha- 28 acres),


separate breeding and rearing stables with big boxes or run-in boxes,


generous parking space for trucks, trailers and cars,

several outbuildings for hay, straw, shavings and food storage,

a fully fenced-in site with video surveillance, several apartments of varying size (from small to large).